The Various Misadventures of the Wolfe Girls

This is a short (semi fictional) comic about my sister, Erin. These are still the raw inks, I need to clean them up a bit and color away, but I'm quite happy with it. Click on (read more) and then the first image for best viewing


Revised Skoll Storyboard

My Skoll storyboard got through to the next round of voting to be made into an actual animation. Here are the revised storyboards that flesh out the story a bit. Caroline Record was partnered with me to help, and the first few new slides are hers :)

You can view the original storyboard way back here :)


Reaction Diffusion Textile Printing

If you haven't already, check out this post where I talk about how I created the pattern that I'm printing here first.

So I made the decision to try to print the fabric here on campus rather than shipping the file off to Spoonflower or one of the other companies that will do this work for you. This was partly for budgetary reasons, but also because I wanted to be involved in every step of the process, and this is a big part of it.

Unfortunately our print lab was out of nice rolls of HP print fabric, so I ended up ironing on some fusible to the back of some basic cotton I had and running it through the printer. First up some test swatches.
Since this fabric was just cheap stuff from Joannes and not treated with anything to make it better suited to absorbing the ink, the colors didn't come out quite as I intended. So I tried two versions, one normal and one with the red keyed out (since the printer handled black and blue much better)
Ultimately, I was very attached to the red design and just keyed up the contrast on photoshop ( I also can layer the same red sheer I used in the final gown of my collection to intensify the color during garment construction).
And after a stressful hour and a half of wrangling with the printer, what I ended up with was a beautiful yard and a half of custom reaction diffusion fabric! I can't wait to turn this into a finished piece, even though I ended up eating a lot of my fabric doing test swatches, so I don't have quite enough to make a complete dress, a bodice will most likely suffice.

I also ended up using the black and white version to line the white dress in my collection, a detail you can't see from the runway photos :)

Reaction Diffusion Textiles and Pattern Making

Okay this this particular look from the collection, modeled by the super badass Madison, I dropped the ball on just a bit.

As lovely and clean as it looks in the white, I really wanted to use it as a base for my reaction diffusion algorithm, with the end result looking more like this. (Though I do love the clean well tailored lines)

To that end, I've been working on remaking it using a little more digital prowess, including the textile printing that was slightly out of my budget for the original.This was actually the first dress I designed for the collection, thus there were many many tortured muslin iterations as I learned how to make a well fitting garment.

After finally getting one that fit nicely to my dress form, I tore it apart and scanned it in. Madison's version was actually heavily tailored from this pattern (since we only were able to fit our models after winter break), and her hips and arms are much more slender than my own or the dress form's.

 From here, I was a quick live trace away from a nice clean vector image of my pattern to scale, which I then threw into a slightly tailored reaction diffusion application in Cinder. For those of you who have never encountered reaction diffusion, it looks something like this.

It essentially is two equations that can be used to simulate a chemical reaction that is used in nature to generate an infinite number of animal patterns/prints. This is old code from earlier my knit reaction diffusion work. Toxiclibs does an amazing job of summarizing the more technical aspects of the simulation if you are interested.

I was particularly interested in incorporating this simulation/generative art into my fashion design work since I think it draws a very elegant parallel to the furs/skins more often used in high fashion and on the run way. This application allows you to grow your own personally customized "skin" directly onto the pattern pieces for an organic and personalized feel that you don't need to carefully skin hundreds of tropical fish for.

Here's the final pattern, with each pattern piece thrown into the application and its texture grown onto it.

Check out This Post where I talk about the printing process


Kitsune | Runway for Lunar Gala

So many hours of work distilled into that one moment

And here's footage of the entire runway show. Check out the other lines on cmuTV's youtube channel!


Skoll Storyboard

the following is a storyboard for my Animation class that is loosely based on the Norse myth of Sol and Skoll.

Sol was a Norse goddess who was given the task of bearing the sun across the sky, while her brother Mani was entrusted with the moon. Each day and night they are hotly pursued by a pair of wolves Skoll and Hati, the children of Fenrir. Skoll desires to swallow the sun whole, plunging the world into darkness and bringing about Ragnorok, the end of days, upon which their father will break free of the binds the gods placed on him and devour Odin. On the rare occasion Skoll does succeed, the gods, eager to prevent Ragnorok, hotly pursue him and force him to cough it up. Until they catch him however, there is a solar eclipse.

Here Sol climbs up the branches of the World Tree to place the sun in the firmament, while Skoll is a bit more wily (and highly inspired by Coyote of Tom Siddel's brilliant Gunnerkrigg Court)


Delaunay Dress


Computational Knitwear, IN THE FLESH(fiber?)

So this is a dress I've designed for the show next week using the generative cabling/knitting strategies from a ways back. Since this wasn't so much a technical project, but an aesthetic one I took some liberties with the algoirthm, blowing portions of it way up (like the bodice here) or just using strips for the waist band and the edging.


"cool new moves"

Ah it pains me these are terrible terrible smart phone "snaps", but I really wanted to post this page of comic I've been inking for the last hour. It may be because I am entering the grimmer portion of the night, but I have to suppress a huge grin whenever I step back and look at it.

The story is loosely based off of a fencing class that I taught once. In this page Luke, the kid in green, is showing the instructor the "cool new moves" he picked up over the weekend.

This one is by far my favorite, both for Luke's facial expression and the complete uselessness of this particular pose for fencing or anything else.