setting down roots

I've abandoned this blog for quite awhile. The allure of tumblr with its quick clean posts and instantaneous outpourings of love and affection proved to be irresistible. I've forgotten how nice it is to write. A lot has gone on since the summer. I have to say in the interim I've failed quite spectacularly in ways I never would have fathomed possible. My fourteen year old self hidden somewhere in my brain writhes in overachieving agony and despair. In certain places though I have found serene patches of quiet (well one case of loud excellently lit runway) success. I've fallen in and out of love, purchased new large glasses, finished two sketchbooks, perfected my Japanese cooking skills, and managed to dredge the last bits of myself from the overwhelming stress and unhappiness that was carnegie mellon and reassembled them into a curious level headed human capable of all the functional human things.

I promise to start filling in this empty space with some of the projects I've finished in the time being (I have to beat my portfolio website like a rug to get some random horrible creatures out that I never noticed snuck in) and will return shortly.


Valiant in gif form

So I haven't posted here in forever, I've fallen down the dark bottomless hole of tumblr I'm afraid. I will rectify this shortly, but in the meantime, here are some gifs my friend Max Hawkins made of the collection I've been working on as of late