Open Studio Day

Once a year the Art Department opens up all the senior studios to the public for the night. Here are some shots of mine, all clean and somewhat organized.


how to wear your hair like a computer scientist

You know, now that I am 7/8 of the way to a solid half of a degree in computer science, I am now a verified expert on a number of subjects you might not have been aware of, like interesting ways to WEAR YOUR HAIR. Yes of course, the first step to being a qualified computer scientist is to always have interestingly coiffed locks. (Its also a good way into fooling people you've gone home from the cluster in the last three days for a good wash, which of course, as a computer scientist, you haven't.)

exhibit A | Free People magic doughnut (cough, chignon) 
you knew convincing your mom to buy that hairigami thing off that infomercial in the 5th grade was an inspired idea. Now show the rest of the world!

exhibits B + C | Proenza Schouler "I give exactly zero fucks" pony/braid
My current favorite and permanent state of being. Heres to hoping my hair dreads this way. Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 (because honestly, when is proenza hair ever not freaking chiller than Mr. Freeze)

exhibits I + J (what, computer scientists never use D as a variable)| Phillip Lim Spring 2011 twisty badass bun
I think the exact quote from the style.com article was "Ah, a kind of messy chignon that every model should be able to do herself."  Further proof that I am indeed a terrible model, since the twisty bits are typically beyond me on my most lucid morning, but this hair is perfect. Now to find a giant talon to wear from my other ear.

exhibit K | be a baddass and roll out of bed looking like Charlotte Free
Pfffft. I wish.

exhibit X | Free People Spray Painted Coronet
Not just for Dayglow and all those crazy science raves!

exhibit Y | Lara Stone cutesy side braids
Evebrowless glower + cat ears required.

exhibit Z | ......
I'm not even going to begin comprehending this right now, but I like it.

stars at elbow and foot

Me, with my new favorite messy Proenza Schouler hair and the beginnings of lovely 4:00am dark circles


Reworking this one, since the figures in the last were so stiff and awkward I couldn't stand it. The hard thing about reworking a painting, even a terrible one, is that you do lose the small parts you did love in the last. Here's a snapshot of the beginning of the new figures, and my favorite details of its previous life

new composition sketch vs. the old one. Haha my professor says part of why I get lost so often in painting is because my mock up sketches are so incomplete. I only do the interesting part, and then paint the interesting part, and then am at a loss with what to do with the rest of it