I'm determined to learn how to sew properly this summer and hopefully be able to kick out a whole line in time for lunar gala. Thanks to my amazing natural astuteness, artistic sense and dexterity, my skills are progressing....well rather slowly. Below are my first feeble efforts since I've been home, which of course I am completely in love with. My sisters shuffle away and avert their eyes while I prance around wearing them
It also just recently hit me that this would probably be the last time I'm ever living at home, which is kind of sad. Here are a few prints from my printmaking class in highschool I've had pinned up there forever.

This last one is actually a print by Linden Renz which I found the other day, sandwiched between smudged sun and lion prints while packing up the last few remnants of my room to ship out to Pittsburgh. I remember I traded one of my sun man prints for it and it was so beautiful and I was so nervous! No one had ever asked for anything I had made before and I spent forever trying to pick out a good one to give him in return