Spring 2011 Favorite Looks :: Sea of Shoes Art Contest

So I've been meaning to create a drawing for the Sea of Shoes S'11 Art contest...pretty much since the contest was announced. The challenge was to create a sketch of your favorite look from the season. Sketch still pending.... but here are some of my absolute favorite designs!

Lanvin + Rodarte
oh and who else is super excited form the Lanvin + H&M collab? Too bad it probably won't come to Pittsburgh : (  

McQueen + Jill Saunders

Jonathan Saunders + Mary Katrantzou
(The Mary Katrantzou show used the images from Architectural Digest as prints! So beautiful! Gotta support those gorgeous interdisciplinary mash-ups )

images via style.com


So here marks the ends of the work ported over from pure of heart. Let the madness begin!


Face Synth

faceSynth. Second part of the visual score project, we were assigned someone else's project to make sound/visuals from. I had Gabe's; essentially he had 67 or so images of faces and directions for a percussive piece involving them. I had no intention on doing that, so instead I created this app that takes the RGB values of each pixel in  the face and translates it to visuals/sound.

Eventually I want to rig it up so the audience can take their picture in a booth set up with the appropriate lighting, and their face gets sent to the app in real time, so they can hear their own faces throughout the performance.

Press spacebar to see the face image being parsed, and click to skip to the next one. The sound is still a little wonky/creepy, but I'm okay with it




And here are some from the waves app

This sketch builds off my last one, extending into 3 dimensional space. Its pretty processor hefty so I have two versions

(hmm so i just discovered that this thing runs at blinding speed if your computer isn't worthless like mine. I'll get around to fixing it, promise : /  )

click here to see waves if you have a decrepit laptop clinging to life like me
here if you have a beast of a machine that lets you physically travel through ssh tunnels and bend the internet with your mind.


Alright so here are some screens from the flow visualizer, my very first experiment with Perlin noise, and actually creating something just for the sake of it with code.

This one was just a practice sketch, based off the processing noise() example, found here. The noise() function works off the algorithm by Ken Perlin to generate a " more natural ordered, harmonic succession of numbers". It was used in a lot of the early movie special effects to generate terrain.

Here, I'm use it to make a sort of pseudo "sine" wave like those generated by music. I took their sample, switched out the lines for points, repeated it on the x, y plane and changed the movement from being dependent on the mouse to an animation. Part of a body of work to connect sound to a physical form for concept studio.

Extremely pleased with myself

Here's the hard links to the apps I've been working on for concept studio. Essentially we had to create a visual score that represents some sort of music, and then we traded and had to create sound out of someone elses. Formal documentation later.

Here are my scores

Reactive sound
This one gets kind of loud, I'm working on dynamically creating sound based on the color values of the pixels, but the results get kind of unpredictable. Press space bar to see the face that its currently parsing.