Digitally Fabricated Armor Jewelry

So the intentions of this piece were to explore having a duality of form, and pushing the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. What is the line that separates the girl who wears her Lord of the Rings cloak to every class, and Alanna Zimmer stomping down the Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 runway wearing essentially an intricate breastplate? The goal was to construct a sleeve of armor that can be taken apart the separate pieces worn as jewelry.

Here's the finished chain mail concept jewelry, I'm still modeling the armor part, I made one but it was too delicate so some of the plastic melted off in the acid bath. When you 3D print objects, the printer surrounds them with support material you can dissolve in acid in order to achieve your exact shape. Unfortunately if your lines are too thin, it happens to your model too.

Here's the model and failed part one

Here is the final version, I made the lines in the model a little thicker, they lost a little of the grace and ethereal qualities of the first, but it is also significantly more stable, so there must be some trade offs. I constructed the straps out of a soft suede shammy, laser cut and braided. Each bangle comes in an increasingly larger size, so they can be stacked as armored plates down the arm, or worn individually.


Wolf Ring II

Sorry, I'm just going to revert to the classic template until I have time to write a new one. Ugh finals.

Also I stained one of the rings I made with india ink. You can see the details significantly more clearly. And I printed the first piece of armor! I'll post of a picture of it later after it comes out of the acid bath

Here's a picture of the original white version.

Our 3d printer is additive, so it prints out objects by stacking thin layers of plastic into the form you want.  However, if your form isn't stable enough to balance on its own during this process, it also prints out support material to keep it in place that you dissolve later in acid.

I'm also making a couple that I'm painting with my beautiful NARS vampire nail polish. It actually works amazingly well for binding/painting the plastic


So here's the "sublime" painting I need to finish before finals.  I translated sublime to epic, beautiful, and terrifying. I'm reinventing psycopomps, this one is supposed to be the Grim Reaper. I wanted to continue my reign of terrifying, beautiful, and fashionable mythical ladies, ala Valkyrie and Medusa, so here is Grim. Oil on the back of the door to my closet (Couldn't afford a canvas this time round, hopefully the wood grain texture will give some amazing effects)

Original concept sketches. Clothes based off of the Anne Demeulemeester Spring 2010 show. I have a love hate relationship for painting "assignments". On one hand, well crafted ones give you a definite sense of direction and motivation, (Sadly, during the school year I don't have too much time to pursue my own projects unless they are assigned) but in this case, it was kind of stifling : /

I'm not terribly thrilled with the result, the darkness seems way too forced, and the scythe is overbearing. However I loved painting the fabric of the skirt. It was so much fun, and I think that part at least came out beautifully