Swoon video

Here's a short clip of the app running in real time.Which basically means horribly jerky half dead laptop time. I swear this flows rather nicely when run properly, but just to give you a basic idea..

Swoon from Alex Wolfe on Vimeo.

Swoon :: Screenshots

Screen captures from my latest Processing sketch. Its a particle system that paints on your screen using input from a webcam and perlin noise. Make sure to check out the video here. You can also move around for some gorgeous abstract effects (since the app pulls the camera data as it draws), but I was tired when I took these : /

Here is a shot of what the app looked like before the webcam data was added in. Perlin noise is computed based on the mouse placement, so the width and nature of these curly wisp strokes are nearly infinite.



Addicted to this podcast from White Heat. Hopefully its the first of many. British boys have the best music.

I apologize for the lack of absolutely anything. I've been finishing up a program that can play chess(much better than me actually), Robot soccer, and this weekend is going to be a last ditch public art all nighter ampMonsterRockStarDEATH extravaganza.

Meanwhile I'm going to zone out, listen to this, and let the caffeine haze wash over.

White Heat Podcast 001 by White Heat