Skoll Storyboard

the following is a storyboard for my Animation class that is loosely based on the Norse myth of Sol and Skoll.

Sol was a Norse goddess who was given the task of bearing the sun across the sky, while her brother Mani was entrusted with the moon. Each day and night they are hotly pursued by a pair of wolves Skoll and Hati, the children of Fenrir. Skoll desires to swallow the sun whole, plunging the world into darkness and bringing about Ragnorok, the end of days, upon which their father will break free of the binds the gods placed on him and devour Odin. On the rare occasion Skoll does succeed, the gods, eager to prevent Ragnorok, hotly pursue him and force him to cough it up. Until they catch him however, there is a solar eclipse.

Here Sol climbs up the branches of the World Tree to place the sun in the firmament, while Skoll is a bit more wily (and highly inspired by Coyote of Tom Siddel's brilliant Gunnerkrigg Court)

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