Reaction-Diffusion Knit

So I finally finished the Reaction-Diffusion swatch! Doing it by hand instead of on a computer controlled machine took forever (for something that was rather small), but it allowed me to incorporate certain textural stitches such as cables that would have been impossible otherwise. I really like the final product, and actually wherever there were 3x3 cables in the pattern produced the best results, but those are really difficult to produce on the machine (you have to knit those rows manually since the stitches are too tightly pulled). The 1x1 cables of which there was an abundance of in that middle section are much more subtle.

I definitely want to knit another swatch at a large gauge for hopefully more obvious results and produce either a simple sweater or dress during my off days for final.

Also my terrible digital camera, was well, being absolutely terrible so I'll repost with better pictures of the final later.

The swatch was knit from this digital reaction diffusion swatch

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