Lunar Gala Designs

So here are my preliminary designs for my lunar gala line! I'm not actually positive on the final form yet, since I want to create the majority of the shapes using some kind of generative algorithm, (mostly so I can double up on the work for my capstone) but this is what I have in mind for the final product.

This is building off of the Reaction Diffusion Knit work and the generative Flocking Bangles I did for Golan Levin's class Interactive Art and Computational Design class. I feel that a fashion line most elegantly encapsulates most of the artistic work I've done in the past four years, while leaving a (somewhat daunting) amount of room for improvement/experimentation. Also, its a subject that truly makes me happy. Despite the large amount of information you're expected to ingest while participating in higher education, only an extremely small portion of it is interesting/inspiring/so intriguing you want to remember it and create more things from it. More often than not, we slog through our daily tasks, memorizing thick dusty books of information to be regurgitated on demand. Its much more interesting to be able to apply it to something you are passionate about and create something beautiful from it.

Anyway, I'll ramble on at length about this project in many more posts to come. Check out more/bigger/better pictures after the jump!

(Also, perlin noise logo generator? Probably most productive ten minutes I've ever had in my life)

(oh man, can't restrain myself, prepare for a brief informational interludes). This above design is going to be based off of the principles I used in my face morphing project right below this, creating dresses that snap to user defined points. 
Reaction Diffusion prints (gotta rework these, i really don't want to just generate 2 dimensional pattern and put it on fabric, I want the algorithm to really inform the shape of the piece)
The grey sweater and the blue gown below will be knit using some of the techniques I picked up from my other generative textile project. 

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MP said...

Hi Alex,

I'm one of the fashion show chairs for this year's CMU Mayur-SASA Show. We're looking for designers and we were wondering if you'd be interested in designing a piece or two for us? The show is Feb 14th. Email us at cmumayurfashionshow@gmail.com if you are!

Thanks! -- Murrel

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