Here's a silly sketch I wrote in order to better understand how to simulate snake movement. I was basically trying to white room the flagellum project by jared tarbell. I actually wanted this sketch to be the basis for the generative jewelry post below, but I couldn't get it working well enough in 3D for the deadline. (Unlike the flocking particles, which just leave trails of mesh, I wanted the snakes to actually BE meshes that I could just freeze at any time, to create forms like in the medusa paintings). I definitely want to keep exploring with it, but until then feel free to play around

(I can’t get this to embed for some reason, but you can play around with the app here. Its actually very entertaining)

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Robert Zhang said...

just dropping by

first, you are a very beautiful girl!

I found this blog through kinecthacks. your work is very admirable/interesting/more complicated than I have the ability to appreciate (i'm no coder). art is also not my thing but i like the flocking thing, just the way that is in nature gives me goosebumps but I cannot look away. It's like alot of birds or sperms or ants.

enjoy your life, do Good things.


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