More Flocking || Generative jewelry and simulated systems

A quick generative systems project for studio, generating jewelry that can be 3D printed from my flocking simulation.

Each particle becomes a volume "brush", leaving a physical mesh behind it instead of these pretty trails. By constraining the system to different forms, and adding various resists, I was able to develop some completely unwearable, yet very cool rings/bracelets.

If you're interested in hearing my ramble about the design process, check out the longer post I wrote at the interactive art + computational design blog

I love the idea of algorithmic jewelry. Since they algorithmically "grow" depending on how you control the underlying flocking simulation, each user can generate a completely unique piece, while still maintaining the feel of a cohesive collection.

Once the mesh is created, I added in a couple other features in order to clean it up a bit, or further manipulate the form.

Laplacian Smoothing

Mesh subdivision
Flocking probably isn't the best system to generate these kinds of forms, but very cool nonetheless! I actually want to play around with simulated snakes, so that they can tangle around each other like, in my medusa paintings.

Much thanks to the magnificent toxiclibs, whose libraries made this entirely possible.

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