Oh yeah! I forgot to post it here, but this horrible monster of a project is finally finished!

I don't know if you remember, but a few months ago I submitted this storyboard to my animation class. We all voted, and the top five were chosen to be made into animation. I was assigned/placed in a team of six (soon to be five) and we had roughly three months to create this animation.

We did all of the physical animation in Maya, and I either created from scratch, or had a hand in finishing/texturing, all of the models for the exception of the wolf, Skoll, who was created by Paul Miller, and textured by Katie Nestor.

Paul and I both wrote code for the world tree, but Paul ended up creating the final geometry, since OpenFrameworks is much more powerful and able to create more complicated geometry than my Processing script. I sculpted in the root details and rearranged/cleaned up the branches using ZBrush.

We broke up the actual animating by scene. I personally animated the fight scene, (since really that was the one least fleshed out in my storyboard, and I was excited to work on it) which starts around 1:28 and finishes at 1:44.

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