This was my final comic for my graphic novels class, about a little old lady who dies and ends up being taken to Valhalla.

Oh man, this one was on the tightest deadline ever, I had a notion of what I wanted in my head and then whipped out the pages after doing some quick character design and figuring out how to draw old ladies. I didn't get terribly far story-wise (and for someone who likes to write quite a lot I have a really hard time with comic dialogue (to be honest, Kiera Wolfe always collaborates with me on the successful ones)), but I was really happy with the art style and all the crazy different things I got to experiment with. I was really looking forward to having Granny interacting with the Vikings/Valkyries, and maybe this will end up being one of the projects I slave on for the summer.

Valhalla does not agree with Granny, and she ends up leading the Einherjar against raving frost giant hordes so she can't get to a proper afterlife, with tea, scones, and her husband.

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