A Confession full of Sorrow and only slightly tinged with Regret.

I have a confession to make. I did none of the below things during my break. Instead I did the following...

(1) Sketched some pictures of my dream companion during an intense five hour google session where I thoroughly researching how to obtain him, and then woefully realized he could never find true happiness in my small Pittsburgh apartment and uncertain future.
(2) Watched that last weird season of Sailor Moon that cartoon network never showed when we were kids with my sister Erin, and reverted about 16 years in my artistic sensibilities. (what me?? draw pictures of all of the senshi while being enfolded in complete and utter bliss that is probably the best thing I have created in the last sixteen years?? NEVER.)

(3) Learned how to play the electric guitar just so I could gleefully sing this song by Rebecca Sugar  (who is really talented! you should check out her other stuff / set aside some time to watch some Adventure Time) to some background music while skating around the hardwood floors in my socks. Thank you mom for my fourteen years of classical music training. It was totally worth it (and I mean that in all sincerity, it was ridiculously fun)

(4) Finally lived through my deepest fear of my 19 year old life (which was more or less absolutely fearless, I scoff at you and your pathetic woes, 19 year old Alex) which was to miss the last train home from New York and be stuck in Penn Station all night with the hobos. This doesn't actually happen to you when you miss the last train, or at least it didn't happen to me (sorry hobos, and that one poor guy who got the last half of his Mt. Dew stolen). This was mostly since I have some incredibly steadfast friends who were willing to sing Karaoke with me until they could graciously see me home on the hungover loser train at 4:17.

(5) Finished Going Postal, Making Money, Guards Guards!, Equal Rites and Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett, while driving around/making Maya models/inking my final project for graphic novels. Discovered I am not nearly as clever as Terry Pratchett, though am getting much better at facial expressions (below are some of the practice sketches for graphic novels)

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