Half Full | Modelling

So at the end of last semester I modeled for the gorgeous Jamie Wlodinguer's lookbook for her print/apparel collection Half Full. Here are some images from the shoot and Jamie's pieces. (you should definitely go check out the rest on her portfolio)

Did you like how I just calmly slid that in there? All, you know I model. I feel that in all fairness I have to release the fact that I wake up on the morning and I look in the mirror and I'm like "yeah, that looks alright", however in front of the camera's lens I am usually reduced to a squinting awkward board. I was rigorously trained from birth that when a camera is pointed at you, you are obligated to look directly at it and smile as forcefully as possible. It is my theory that when the rest of my generation was learning to pout and smize from Tyra, I was puzzling out the Water Temple and searing legions of Charr in Ascalon. Thus it is much to Jamie's credit that she was able to produce such a beautiful lookbook.

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