In which Alex attempts to learn OpenGL | Animated Water Mesh

Here's a quick animation I rendered in OpenGl, it was actually the first time I created something using the "raw" language, versus using a beautiful shell, like Processing or Cinder to do all the horrible matrix like stuff for me. It was incredibly frustrating, since I would spend hours implementing something that I knew how to do in a single line using one of the interfaces (grrr!)

Not a pointless exercise though, since I understand the underlying processes of the language SO MUCH BETTER now, and it'll make it significantly easier to work with it in the future. The basin is a static mesh I imported and rendered, whereas the water is dynamically generated, (and I recalculate the normals/mesh data every frame). I'll post a video as soon as I can convince my poor hp to do so without shutting off in agony :)

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