Grogg :: a cocktail compendium

just had our demo for my final web applications project with Ben and Dan! Unfortunately we have no intention/way to host it full time, but it was very interesting to design. Inspired by a beautiful poster by Konstantin Datz, Grogg is an application that allows you to either design your own drinks, or will let you know what beverages you can create with the ingredients you have on hand. Users can log in to store their favorite recipes, and follow their friends in order to keep track of what delicious things everyone is drinking.

Dan and Ben did most of the backend database work in Ruby on Rails which none of us had any experience with before. I was responsible for the design and the interactive graphical app which I'm creating in Processing (we really wanted to avoid flash, and still get something that would interact properly with our server/MySQL database) using Jeremy Ashkenas's library for Processing/Ruby interaction.

Here are some screenshots : )

(...err we didn't completely finish for the deadline, so all the areas with the vertical grey stripes were intended to be tiled with dynamically generated thumbnails of either profile pictures of followers or drinks)

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