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So with only 2 more super stressful all-nighters left, full of incredibly exciting computer cache simulations and database managing, before spring break (which I'm determined not to spend just sleeping) here's what I'm hoping to actually get done

1.) The awesome girls at HonestlyWTF have some of the coolest/most beautifully documented DIY projects I've seen in a while (check out this one for recreating some Proenza Schouler chunky rock-climbing bling) which I am itching to try.

2.) Work on my line for lunar gala, the student run fashion show here at Carnegie Mellon. Since my sewing have been used for nothing except to gather dust, I'm focusing on the idea of simple clean forms delineated by beautiful juxtaposed patterns, like an Utamaro woodblock print. Since this is going to be a one off thing (never meant to be sold or worn really ), I'm definitely approaching the whole experience as designing a meticulous performance art piece. I'm very excited to experiment with handpainting/dying fabrics and combining various digital fabrication techniques, like laser cutting illustrations into leather and 3d printing elements(furthering my work with Pauldron and what is still the favorite ring I own). I'm tentatively envisioning indigo shibori and the leather being unifying elements,  but I'll play with it over break and post some pictures of the results.
what i'm thinking of for texture palate images via here
3.) And lastly develop a new project for studio of which I have yet to decide! But I ultimately hope can be incorporated into the line :) The overarching concept for the class is "generative form/simulations". Since I've already done particle work for the last two projects, I really want to work with generative form/physical output.

I really like the idea of “art” that you can wear, since they then they live this whole other life past the actual “generative” making, developing their own wear, tear, and personality with the owner which is sort of another generative process in its own right.

After seeing some amazing pieces by Sandra Backlund
 I was thinking about generative knitwear (wouldn't it be awesome to algorithmically create forms like these??) but to my immense disappointment the machines that I've found seem to either only be able to handle plain flat knits or circular tubes. Within the deadline I could maybe create half of finished work by hand through an intense bought of masochism.

Other ideas include generative rings, using Toxi's brilliant mesh libraries for processing, or maybe algorithmic embroidery? (computer controlled embroidery machines are significantly cheaper)

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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