Wind Interaction :: Part One

So I'm currently operating under a set of "obstructions". After viewing my entire body of work the class collectively came up with a series of things I was prohibited from doing in my next art piece. These were....

1.) The piece has to be collaborative
2.) It also must be impulsive/respond to real world events
3.) No Computers

ha.ha.ha. No more visualizers. So I started thinking about computer art and what I believe it is. Essentially you are taking a set of data, ANY data, unrecognizable, mundane, profound, and using it to create something that has never existed before. The beauty of the medium is the responsiveness, the interaction. Static data is boring, once computers are introduced, the art can be constantly changing, reacting, and reinventing itself.

I decided to take some tangible data, wind speed, and turn it into light. Instead of passing through the some magic function, its a simple input changed directly to output. Next few posts document my process of creating the wind turbines out of recycled parts. Ideally when finished, I'll have a light installation that "breathes" with the wind, fading in and out of existence with the speed and power.

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