Googe Boutiques

In case you somehow managed to miss the internet fashion uproar over Google's new Boutique site, head over and check it out!

yeah, yeah, having your own store/being able to pursue the style of your favorite idol is ridiculously cool, but the actually intriguing part is the new search engine they've come up with (but what else can you expect from a project by Google?). Here's a link to mine, and photo below

Combining "fashion and computer geeks", Boutiques uses computer vision/learning algorithms to actually mine data from the physical images you are attracted to, rather than just browsing keywords. I've been playing around with it, and while the selection is fairly limited at the start -- my typecast of "edgy" after taking the style quiz limited my selections to mostly drapy black numbers with sprinklings of studs, it does seem to learn after some aggressive Loving/Hating. So after about an hour doing Chloe - LOVE, Bebe HATE, Ann Demulemeester - LOVE, Lanvin - LOVE, BCBG - LOVE, anything camo - HATE, etc. it does seem to pick up on your general preferences.

The specifics for the loving/hating process, namely sihlouette+pattern, color, brand, and price, were a bit frustrating to me at first, inadequate adjectives for harnessing my utter lust and devotion / visceral hatred, they make complete sense from a computer vision standpoint. Especially with that many images to process I imagine they are just analyzing general outlines (made especially easy by fashion photography's stereotypical white backgrounds) and basic color/pattern from inside the image.

My love for quizzes and the vanity boost of possessing something whose sole purpose is to cater to my every whim asides, I quite like it. Impressions?

Also should come in quite handy for holiday shopping (wink, wink)

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